Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey with clay or you’re an established potter, our studio is a great place to come and practice you skills, have some time out to get creative and meet new people.

We have limited membership spaces at the studio and currently have an opening for 15 more members!


Membership Gives You

  • Access to the studio facilities and equipment sessions up to 12 hours per week.

  • Personal storage space. Extra space can be bought for a fee.

  • House glazes & firings.

  • On-site technical support, charged at an hourly rate.

  • Opportunities to exhibit and sell your work.

  • Free WiFi

  • Free Tea and Coffee.

  • Discounted clay.

  • Discounted masterclasses and skill share sessions.

  • Sociable and friendly community.


  • Supported Membership - £120

    Compulsory for the first three months. This membership includes free access to all classes, masterclasses and skill share sessions and free on-site technical support.

  • Rolling Monthly Contract - £100

  • 6 Month Contract - £80

  • 12 Month Contract - £75


Why a Whole Month?

CPW offers monthly membership instead of hourly or daily rates because every piece you make goes through several steps and takes weeks to complete. With studio membership, you are given your own personal storage areas on-site to store your clay and work-in-progress between visits.

I’m a beginner would a membership be for me?

CPW membership is for everyone—inquisitive beginners, off and on hobbyists, and experienced artists. There’ll always be someone on hand in the studio to teach you the basics or answer more advanced questions. But if you’d rather have something a little more structured, you can attend our classes as well.

What else would I have to buy?

Clay is available for purchase at a discounted price. We also have basic tool kits and throwing bats available, that can be signed out and in when you are in the studio, tools however can not be taken from the studio. If you want to add additional storage space, this can be bought for a small monthly add-on fee.

Why is there a limit on hours?

CPW is set up for part-time use, this is how we keep costs down for everyone. This way we can all get the cost benefits of hot-desking and equipment sharing. If we had full-time potters in the space it would tie up the facilities and it would give less value to our part-time members. For this reason, the maximum time a member can use in a week is 12 hours. We have a logging in process that monitors your hours each week. Here at CPW our vision is to maker pottery accessible and affordable for all.

Can non-members use the studio?

Unfortunately we can not accommodate non-members, only people booked in through our system will be allowed access to the studio.


Our Members

Our members are a bunch of wonderful individuals who are absolutely vital to Cardiff Pottery Workshops. They breathe life into the studio and bring warmth and friendship to our pottery community. Each member is on their own unique journey with clay, some beginning from the very start and some who have been practicing for many years. It is always a pleasure to see each member progressing with their skills, sharing ideas and supporting one another. Scroll down to see who is part of our community of potters. Interested in finding out more about membership, see our Pottery Membership page.



James is a wonderful part of the Cardiff Pottery Workshop team and has taken to working with clay like a natural! James’s work is very detailed and time consuming, he enjoys carving, printing and painting directly onto his pots….a real surface pattern master. James will be teaching on one of our 6 week throwing courses in Feb ‘19.



Yoshi one of newest members showing us how it’s done! Yoshi has embraced the art of letting go and in doing this his throwing technique and knowledge of the material have flourished. Cannot wait to see what this guy does in 2019!



This is our member Kim. Kim has been with us for 2 months now as a member. First joining through our 6 week throwing course. She has joined via our taught membership and is building both her handbuilding and throwing skills.



David is a board member as well as a studio member and has been with us since 2017. David is a very skilful thrower and likes to explore application techniques, such as Terra Sigillata and Mocha Diffusion. David is due to start teaching on our 6 week throwing for beginners in Feb ‘19.



This is our member liv. Liv has been with us since the summer 2018, joining our beginners throwing course and then following with intermediate. New to pottery and now one of our members liv’s work is starting to flourish... looking forward to seeing liv’s work progress.



This is our member mel.... mel has been with us nearly a year now. She joined us through our 6 week throwing course and is now a member. Mel’s work is really starting to develop. I asked mel if I could take her picture for the members page on our website she said she had no work to hand so I made her hold a jug! :D



Rose, has been with us for 3 months now, starting back in November 2018. Rose creates her intricate pieces by sculpting little lumps of clay into beautiful pieces. Her work is mainly concentrated on the human form and creates miniature heads, hands and feet for puppets.



This is our member Gareth. Gareth has been with us since day 1, first joining through a 1-2-1 session with his daughter, then attending a 6 week course. Gareth comes in every Sunday to practice. His throwing has come on leaps and bounds. Through this time Gareth has become a valued member and also a good friend.



This is our member Maki, Maki has been with us now since June 2018. First joining us through a 6 week throwing course. Maki has really impressed us in the studio with her use of colour and eye for detail. She has also found her love of digestive thins lol, which never last long here at the pottery.