The Studio


Our Happy Place

The studio is a wonderful place to be, full of chatter from busy classes, whirling wheels, slapping of clay, kettle boiling, friendly catch ups and the general hustle and bustle of studio life. CPWF studio has amazing facilities housed in a large warehouse just off Penarth Road in Freemans Parc. We are proud to offer an excellent range of equipment from throwing wheels to large spacious hand building areas right through to all the tools you may need, from rolling pins to cutting wires and so on. We welcome any level of potter to join our studio through the membership we offer. Its a great space for any Team Building Events or Parties and we also love to open our doors to any Youth Groups, Scout groups and Schools.

The main aim here at CPWF is to create a welcoming and supportive environment for those who have discovered the wonders of clay or perhaps just want to get their hands dirty. We strongly believe that the studio is a place where you can be free from the pressure of daily life, have some time out to be creative and spend some time in the moment of making.


Facilities & Equipment

Throwing Bar with 10x Shimpo Wheels in main studio and 3x Shimpo Wheels in members only area. 3x Table top Shimpo Wheels.

Plaster Room, housing mould making and slip casting equipment, blunger, lathe and spray booth.

Hand Building Areas throughout the studio with 4 extra large tables, slab roller, extruder and plenty of rolling pins, stamps, knives and sculpting tools.

Glaze Room features in-house test tiles, mixing equipment and plenty of space to work.

Wedging area and plaster bats.

Printmaking room houses an A1 silk screen exposure unit, A1 screen printing vacuum bed along with an A3 intaglio printing press. Rollers, screens, squeegees and more

Artist Spaces are situated on the first floor with 4 large 8ftx8ft studios and 3 smaller spaces with desk and shelving.

Gallery which is situated at the front of the studio showcasing all the amazing work produced by our members.

Kitchen area with Kettle, Microwave, Fridge and Sink and everything you need to make a cup of tea or coffee.

Clay & Glaze Store where we sell Stoneware Buff, Terracotta, Fiance, Porcelain, Crank, Casting White Earthenware and Plaster. Along with glaze materials.


Opening Times

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - 10am-9pm

Wednesday - 10am-9pm

Thursday - 10am-9pm

Friday - 10am-5pm

Saturday - 10am-5pm

Sunday - 10am-6pm