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Pottery Membership @CPWF


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- Email kelly@cardiffpotteryworkshops.com

Membership includes anytime access during our opening hours, up to 12 hours a week. Our one-month-notice contract (3 month minimum commitment) is just £100 per month, our 6 month pay-monthly contract is £80 per month, and our one year pay-monthly contract is just £75 per month. 

We also offer 6 hours of taught sessions/ 6 hours via our evening classes, 6 hours your own practice. This enables you to have tuition whilst in the studio. £120 per month.

With any membership plan you get your own personal storage shelf, advice and mentoring from our staff, use of the equipment and up to 40 litres a month and set temperature firings, extra kiln space can be used for a small fee. The only additional thing you need to buy is clay, which we sell on-site at trade prices.


Membership Gives You

  • Access to the studio work space and facilities for up to 4 sessions (12 hours) per week *.

  • Personal storage space of 21 inch by 21 inch by 44.5 inch, extra space can be bought for a fee

  • House glazes & firings

  • On-site technical support, charged at an hourly rate

  • Opportunities to exhibit and sell your work

Opening Hours

  • Monday: CLOSED

  • Tuesday: 10:00 - 21:00

  • Wednesday: 10:00 - 21:00

  • Thursday: 10:00 - 21:00

  • Friday: 10:00 - 17:00

  • Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00

  • Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

*Sessions are 3 hours long and can be booked up to 12 hours in advance on a first come first served basis. Slots will be booked in advance through the CPW facebook page.

Fee Options

  • £120 Per Month, 6 hours taught sessions/ 6 Hours, via our eve classes, 6 hours your own practice this enables you to have tuition whilst in the Studio

  • 6-month contract: £80 per month paid by Direct Debit.

  • Rolling contract: £100 per month with a minimum of 3 months.

  • A notice period of 30 days is required to terminate a rolling contract. Paid by standing order.

  • Occasionally we may make discounts or special offers. Once the offer period is up the contract will revert to one of the above. This will be indicated on your membership form.

Why a Whole Month?

CPW offers monthly membership instead of hourly or daily rates because every piece you make goes through several steps and takes weeks to complete. With studio membership, you are given your own personal storage areas on-site to store your clay and work-in-progress between visits.

I’m a beginner would a membership be for me?

CPW membership is for everyone—inquisitive beginners, off and on hobbyists, and experienced artists. There’ll always be someone on hand in the studio to teach you the basics or answer more advanced questions. But if you’d rather have something a little more structured, you can attend our classes as well.

What else would i have to buy?

Clay is available for purchase at a discounted price. We also have basic tool kits and throwing bats available, that can be signed out and in when you are in the studio, tools however can not be taken from the studio. If you want to add additional storage space, this can be bought for a small monthly add-on fee.

Why is there a limit on hours?

CPW is set up for part-time use, this is how we keep costs down for everyone. This way we can all get the cost benefits of hot-desking and equipment sharing. If we had full-time potters in the space it would tie up the facilities and it would give less value to our part-time members. For this reason, the maximum time a member can use in a week is 12 hours. We have a logging in process that monitors your hours each week. Here at CPW our vision is to maker pottery accessible and affordable for all.


We don’t expect that all our members will want to use the studio as much as this. But even if you used it for less than half of that time, you still get great value from CPW.  Doing a monthly membership allows us to keep the costs down for everyone.


Can non-members use the studio?

Unfortunately we can not accommodate non-members, only people booked in through our system will be allowed access to the studio.