Member of The Month April 2018

David Hibbs

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David joined our hand

building course in April 2017, and then following that our throwing course in the following June. As you can see from the images Davids work has made incredible progress within that time. Davids work clearly shows his perfectionist streak, with complex lids and clever use of decoration. David is an incredibly valued member of the pottery and his calm measured approach to working adds a real sense of professionalism to the studio. I look forward to seeing David’s work progress as part of our pottery community I would like to take this oppertunity to say well done David, keep up the hard work



Paul Rogers
Ceramic Artist
Age 52

My first year in the ceramic world:

I first started my ceramic journey in February 2017. I now have just short of 13 months experience in both handbuilding and wheel work. I eagerly joined a Cardiff pottery workshop membership in October 2017.

The seed of ceramics was planted in 2016, I suppose this was due to my growing interest for bonsai trees. I took a short spell into the bonsai world, attending master Mark D'cuz bonsai studio. Ma-Ke bonsai based in London.

It was here that I started to notice the pots that the trees were sat in and became fascinated by them. I began to research and not being able to find any that I liked, I thought why not try and make my own!!

I began a trial and error phase and to say the least, first attempts were a train wreck. My clay would dry up and crack and I wasn't able to grasp the key concepts. 

Seeking help, I want to thank Fee, a ceramic artist in Newport and Brenda Vandeburg a wonderful, helpful, knowlable ceramic artist, tutor in Bristol. Both tutors were able to guide me and push me towards what i achieve today.

The first part of 2017 was dedicated to setting up a home studio. I have a huge passion and drive to learn. However, I was knocked back and obsticals began getting in my way. I needed some more guidence. In August 2017, I carried out further research and came across Kelly Campbell and Cardiff Pottery Workshop Foundation.

From the moment I met Kelly, I knew I had found the missing link. Her energy, vision and drive along with her enthusiasm and love for ceramics allows me to learn so much.

I signed up to a six week throwing course and sure enough, six weeks shot by and my love for wheel work grew.

Kelly and I discussed membership of her studio and I have not look back since. I am becoming confident and comfortable working with clay.

What can I say about membership Cardiff pottery workshop?
It has flexible access to a fantastically equipped studio.
Allows you to be around like mind artists.
You can become part of a ceramic themed community.
A community that encourages sharing skills, passing on knowledge and experience. 
The subject is so wide that ceramic artists all have different styles and can follow their own path. This I believe puts pay to any rivalry.

My vision and my journey going forward.

I want to see beautiful trees growing in the pots I've made. I think my style is still developing and as my work sells, I tweek things and continue to work on it. I want to hold on to artist licence when making pots, so each one is unique in its own right. My work has become stronger, neater and cleaner. My dream is becoming reality but its only just begun. I remain critical of my work and I will remain so, as I want high standards.

I love experimenting with pot forms and clay types. I love to experiment with different glazes and always keeping in mind the end goal. To ensure the tree and pot perfectly compliment eachother I try to use mainly browns, greens, greys, blacks. Occasionally the glaze does really unexpected things in the firing and sometimes gives the glaze a stunning effect.

Lastly, it is important to enjoy and express yourself. Don't worry about failing as is how we learn. I also think its key to keep good records of your experiments, especially when glazing, as this gives you the chance to look back and see your skills growing.

Lets see what the next 12 months brings.