Masterclass - Geoffrey Swindell


Geoffrey Swindell - Artist Statement

Some people say my ceramics are like washed up sea creatures, some still alive, some just remnants turning slowly to dust. Others see unidentified objects from a far away galaxy, not sure whether they are organic or constructed, friendly or malevolent. My first experience as an artist was as a painter learning to paint classic illustrative images and then moving on to canvases that were purely abstract expressions of emotion through colour and texture. When I became a potter I carried this involvement with surface qualities through to my ceramics creating objects that are not just simply coated in glaze but have an essential and inseparable relationship of form and surface. 

I make all parts of the pieces on the potters wheel creating a thick section to be trimmed and thinned  with sharp steel tools when leather hard. Some pieces are textured by tapping the surface with a multi-pointed wire brush, ball ended tools and various sticks. The fine characterless texture and whiteness of Porcelain gives a good bright ground to enhance the colour rather like a pure white canvas. I use an Air brush to spray the surface of the forms with colours allowing me to build up overlapping layers of slip, glaze and oxides. 

Masterclass Weekend - 26th & 27th October 2019

During the two days I will be talking about the development of my design ideas and demonstrating my construction methods for the production of a teapot, narrow necked vase and bowl giving everyone the opportunity to spend a concentrated period of time on the wheel throwing and turning the type of pots they choose to make. 

Saturday 26th 10am-4pm

10am-12pm - Geoffrey Swindell Introduction and Throwing Demonstrations.

12pm-1pm - Lunch*

1pm-4pm - Throwing class with Geoffrey Swindell on hand tuition.

Sunday 27th 10am-4pm

10am-12pm - Turning Demonstration and Construction Methods

12pm-1pm - Lunch*

1pm-4pm - Turning class with Geoffrey Swindell on hand tuition.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Cost: £200

*Lunch will be provided by the studio, please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

* Please note that all work will be glazed with an in-house glaze.



  • Working with clay can be very messy. We supply aprons but it is probably best if you come to the classes in clothes and footwear you don't mind getting dirty. No watches or jewellery to be worn and you may want to tie your hair back in preparation. Cardiff Pottery Workshops Foundation will not be held responsible for any damage to clothing, shoes, jewellery, watches or mobile devices whilst in the studio.

  • Unfortunately if you miss a class this cannot be taken at a later date and no reimbursement will be offered.

  • Classes start on time and if you are late you can join the class but time cannot be made up at the end of the workshop.

  • Classes must be paid for in full.

  • Please be aware you are in a working studio and due care and attention must be given. Inductions will be given on the equipment you will be using. You must not use any other equipment in the studio. Cardiff Pottery Workshop Foundations will not be held responsible for any injury you may incur if you break the rules of the studio.

  • We want you to have the best experience during your time in the studio and part of that is making sure all participants comply with our health and safety procedures. You must sign a form agreeing to comply with our Health and Safety practice. The company reserves the right to exclude any participant if they consistently fail to meet any of these conditions.

  • All work made in classes will be bisque fired and glazed. Please be aware that although every due care and attention is given to every piece we put in the kiln, once inside the kiln we cannot be held responsible for any work that cracks, explodes or is damaged due to another object exploding. This unfortunately, is out of our hands and is part of the many difficulties of working with clay.

  • We endeavour to have all finished work ready for collection within 3 weeks. After this date we hold all work for a minimum of 12 weeks. Any work not collected after this date will unfortunately be discarded due to minimal studio space. Collection of work is the responsibility of the maker.

  • All images on the website are used for inspiration purposes only. All work created on a Saturday Workshop will be glazed in a gloss white glaze and not as the images above