Cardiff Pottery Workshops Vision is to cultivate pottery both as an accessible hobby and as a viable career.  We want to contribute towards a broad curriculum that, aims to improve quality of life in Cardiff and Wales. Our students come to Cardiff Pottery Workshops for a variety of reasons, including to:

  • Make work in ceramics / Pottery to keep or to sell
  • Learn a new skill
  • Be part of a community 
  • Relax and unwind
  • Nurture Creativity
  • Enable Pottery to flourish in Cardiff/ Wales
  • To continue their practice

The Pottery is ran by Kelly Campbell. Kelly has taught ceramics for over 15 years since graduating with her Masters in Ceramics in 2003. She has taught a range of learners from Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Primary and Secondary School level. Kelly holds a PGCE qualification in teaching and also has a First Class Degree in Design Craft.

Kelly's classes are friendly, relaxed and welcoming and are suitable for both total beginners to participants who may have some experience in ceramics/pottery. She sets out projects that will cover all the skills you will need to produce high-quality well finished ceramics. The main aim of her workshops, is that they are fun and open to a range of learners, from complete beginners to students who have developed a good level of skill through her courses.

Kelly also runs a bespoke membership pottery enabling potters to continue practice, we have a limit of 25 members, if you wish to be added to the list please contact Kelly Directly.


We are based at: Unit 15 Freemans Parc, Penarth road. Cardiff CF11 8EQ

Call us on: 07478223611